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Pumpkin Seeds - A Superfood Powerhouse

Pumpkin seeds are our hero ingredient 

They're high protein low carb and 100% Organic & Natural

We coat them in 4 delicious flavours creating deliciously crunchy snacks whilst maintaining all nutritional benefits

We're the perfect snack that'll satisfy your cravings and actually provide you with positive nutrition - Guilt Free Snacking


Great tasting and healthy! Great snack to have when you want some chocolate but healthy at the same time!

Sahil, Dark Chocolate

These are absolutely delicious. Well packaged and don't cost an arm and a leg! 10/10, will definitely be buying again

Georgia, Milk Chocolate

As someone who has type 2 diabetes I wanted a snack that is high in fibre and low carbs. These are soooo tasty. I can't believe how nice they are. Will definitely be ordering more.

Rob, White Chocolate

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Laura, Spicy

Why Choose Nutrilicious

We use the best ingredients - 100% Organic & Natural

We deliver incredible taste & nutritional benefits second to none

We use part of our profits to do good by providing meals to disadvantaged children